Split w/ White Pony

by Ed Gein Mystery Machine

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released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Ed Gein Mystery Machine Erie, Pennsylvania

Don't cry. It'll be fucked up until its alright. How alright comes? You tell me........

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Track Name: Winona Ryder (My Lovely Dream)
Hello there.
My name is Winona Ryder and I can't play.
Who am I you say?
My name is Winona Ryder and I can't play.
Not today.

Who is this in my head today?
Oh my.
Who is this in my head?

I'm Winona Ryder today.
Nothing can stand in my way.
I'm Winona Ryder today.
I have such a pretty face.
I'm Winona Ryder today.
Someone come hold my hand.
I'm in Winona land.
Track Name: Willow Tree
Live inside a, willow tree.
I like it in here, its so serene.
The Lilacs and lilies knocking.
I have to let them in, yeah.
Cant be mean.
Cant be mean.

My eyes, they turn into streams.
And then the bad dreams.

Start to chase me.
I try to get away but now I'm drowning.
And rainy days, they feel the same.
As sunny days, they feel the same.

I've been falling down.
Sure is far.
But the pain is gone.
And I have, fallen apart.
Fallen apart.

I live better inside of my dreams.
Fucked up feeling that is, makes me wanna.
(Climb inside my willow tree)
Track Name: Space Ghost
Don't go away 4x

I am the Space Ghost I float between the space, I am afraid.
You'll go away, you'll go away someday.
I know.

Stars above head, where death is lying.
I get these weird feelings seeing all these people dying like oh shit.

I talk to much.

And I dont know what to say.
And I dont know where to go, yeah I dont know where to go, thats okay.
I'll go anyway.

I cant control my mind.
And I cant grasp the time.
Frame your smiling face.
You were beautiful, just like, time and space.

You were everything to me.
Sweeter than tangerines oh you...
I love you dear moon.

Living life is scary.
Some scary people, some evil, some lost and weary.
Sometimes a song can erase a scar.
Be it, within gray matter or a body part.

Farewell to you, dear moon.
See you round real soon oh you...
I love you dear moon.
Track Name: You're My North Starr
I shouldn't think so loud when I dream.
I shouldn't be so loud when I sing.
I shouldn't bleed so much when I hurt.
I shouldn't cling so much when I need,
But i'm me.
And I don't mean to be so annoying.

I Shouldn't be so mad, alone.
I shouldn't miss so much, my old homes.
I shouldn't grip so tight on my past.
I shouldn't be so sad, but I am,
Yes I am.

Feel these things and it's time that I say.

Something on my mind..
Im sorry.

I didnt mean to hurt you.
Im sorry.

Now I must laugh, cause Im sad.
Please do not laugh.
At whats going on inside of my head.