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Its lonely here.


released January 24, 2016

Thanks to my mother for being the most awesome person. Too damned supportive for what I deserve. Recorded, mixed and arranged and all that shit on her computer too. Told you.. she's super supportive. LOVE You



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Ed Gein Mystery Machine Erie, Pennsylvania

Don't cry. It'll be fucked up until its alright. How alright comes? You tell me........

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Track Name: Dhalsim
(When you look at me, What do you see?)

You are all my light.
Shining bright how I like.
Dear you.

I love you because you.
Love me though I'm, not like you.

I'll miss you.

(When I look at you, I don't know what to do)

I don't know where to go.
And I don't really care that I don't know.

Life is really slow.
And by the end will anyone have a soul.

I'll miss you
Track Name: Trauma
Hello there I don't feel okay, today.
Words can't explain the pain.
They don't even know my name.
Just as quick, I could be slain.

What do you see?
A humyn being?

Hate me.

Walk outside to feel you don't belong.
I did nothing wrong.
I don't understand the things you all do.
To those who are not like you.
Excuse the pain you put them through.

Trauma at the seams.
Shatters everything.
You wish it were a dream.
Its not a dream.
Track Name: Show's Over
Smiling makes me cry.
Cuz Iv'e grown tired of telling lies.
Sometimes I don't feel too fine.
But thats okay cuz everything is alright.

Things fall down.
But i'm glad you were around.


Im glad you were around.

See youuuu.....


Now I must be alone.
Show is over, go home.