Willow World

by Ed Gein Mystery Machine

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released August 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Ed Gein Mystery Machine Erie, Pennsylvania

Don't cry. It'll be fucked up until its alright. How alright comes? You tell me........

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Track Name: Sonny Mysteree
Hi there, Im pretty Hazy.
I must be going cause I.
Am not sure where I'm,
Where im headed but I,
Need to get there.

I have no words for they meant nothing.
And I want nothing.
All I need I can, find within but sometimes its heavy.

Theres a smile. On their face even though theres nobody there.
Track Name: The Cool In You
You should just smile, uh huh.
You should just smile today.
Its easy to feel things.
You're such a cool thing.
And I yes, I adore adore never shut the door.


Ooooo Uh huh.
You should just smile, uh huh.
You should just smile for today cause life is life.

Life is life.
I cant remember that well what it was like.
Where are ya?
You had to go.
Well im,
Not fourteen anymore, not fourteen anymore.
You're still not here like before today.

I wanna sleep today and never wake.
Track Name: What Happened to Me?
Im falling evermore. I only wanted to live. They want me to die. I couldnt tell you why. Theres sentience within my eyes. They'd choke it away today, but still I live. Why do they wish me to die?
Track Name: Salem Doves
Everyone is singing, and Everyone is dancing.
And Im not happy.

But im alone now.
Its dark and I've got no home.
Im alone now I could die and you wouldnt care why.
Still, i've no hand to hold.

Hold a Salem Dove, hold a Salem Dove, a Salem Dove.

Someday maybe, I wont be a victim.
I wont be a victim to cruel hands.

I feel too much, how do I turn it off? Someone help me.

Maybe someday, I'll try the suicide.
Maybe someday, ill try the suicide.
Til then........